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Eat Like You Care

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Dedicated to the approximately 57 billion land animals and one trillion aquatic animals we will consume in the next year.

So much suffering.
So much death.
All so unnecessary.
All so wrong.

Eat Like You Care is changing minds and hearts, one reader at a time. This book is for everyone who cares for animals or thinks we should not harm animals without a good reason. You will ask yourself, "Why didn't I think of it this way before?"

Many of us are uneasy thinking about the animals who end up on our plates. We may have thought about stopping eating animal products but there are many excuses that have kept us from doing so. The authors explore the 30+ excuses they have heard as long-time vegans and address each one, showing why these excuses don’t work. Packed with clear, commonsense thinking on animal ethics, without jargon or complicated theory, this book will change the way you think about what you eat.

Here are some questions for you:
- Have you ever loved an animal?
- Did you ever have a pet who was part of your family?
- Do you think it's wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering and death on animals?
- Do you think animals matter morally?
- Do you care where your food comes from?
- Do you know where your animal products come from?
- Do you buy cage-free eggs? Free-range meat?
- Have you considered becoming a vegetarian?
- Are you already a vegetarian for moral reasons?
- Have you considered becoming a vegan?
- Do you aspire to being a vegan, but you think that you could never adopt a vegan diet?
- Are you already a vegan and would appreciate knowing some more effective ways to communicate with those who defend eating animals?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, then this book was written for you. Don't hesitate – read it now!

Tekst: Gary L. Francione en Anna Charlton
Taal: Engelstalig. Ook in Nederlandstalige vertaling verkrijgbaar, Eten met geweten.

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